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The collection of transformations from SBML files into human readable formats

SbmlViewer is a tool for fast and easy reading biological models written in SBML format. It allows looking through model components and equations even if you have no modeling software installed. It is as simple as reading a web page in your web browser.

SbmlViewer never uploads your files to the server and all transformations are performed locally in your browser, so it is safe and secure for your code.

SbmlViewer is open project located on GitHub. Any feedback is welcomed on Issues page.

When SbmlViewer is helpful:

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Quick start

Try demo online

For models from your computer:

  1. Go to the page
  2. Drug’n’drop your SBML OR click on button “Choose file” and select your sbml model.

For models shared on web:

  1. Copy the link of your shared model, for instance
  2. Write the line in your browser like this


To look through example just try the links

sv scren 2


Current release

Version: 170622

Known restrictions




Apache 2.0

3d party software used

About SBML

SBML is a free and open interchange format for computer models of biological processes maintained by SBML community. It is used in many modeling application and can store model structure, math and annotation of elements. SBML is XML based format and designed basically for machine reading and writing.